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Companion and other Performance Events

There is a picture of the beautiful elegant Yorkie not often thought of and that is the Yorkie who competes in companion and performance events. These performance events include obedience, agility, tracking, rally obedience, and a whole compilation of things that Yorkies can excel in, including everything from fly ball and Frisbee to musical freestyle and teaching a Yorkie to do tricks to perform for friends and relatives. The Yorkshire Terrier is a highly intelligent little dog with a personality that never quits. A Yorkie can be a wonderful performance dog and truly is a dog for all seasons and events.

It is always important to remember safety first when doing performance work with any breed of dog. Having a cool shady spot to rest in and fresh water available at outdoors events is a must for any breed, and a little kiddie pool to cool off in never hurt anyone.

Here are some things that you might want to do with your Yorkie and the titles you can earn from the American Kennel Club:

The AKC offers a Canine Good Citizens Test . The CGC is not an official AKC Title, but the dog earns a certificate and is an accomplishment any owner can be proud of. This test is a great way to get started by completing ten basic exercises that include everyday behaviors. This includes such exercises as basic heel work, sit, down, and stay on command along with supervised separation and behaving in examination for visits to the groomer and the vet. While some requirements such as stay and separation from their owners can be more difficult for many Yorkies, the CGC is an excellent way to get started on the basics with your Yorkie.

Obedience is the basis for most of the other performance events and is a great way to start working with your Yorkie. It includes basic command work such as attention to handler, long sits and downs; in the upper levels - retrieval, jumping and the retrieval of dumbbells. There is even a famous Yorkie named Smokey who was trained to carry messages during World War II. There is no limit for these tenacious terriers.

Here is a list of AKC obedience Titles:
(CD): Companion Dog  
(CDX): Companion Dog Excellent
(UD): Utility Dog
(UDX): Utility Dog Excellent
(OTCH): Obedience Trial Champion

Agility is a popular athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training and lot of teamwork between Yorkie and Handler. Yorkies are natural show stoppers and in the agility ring they always draw a crowd whenever it is their turn to run the course. They love to run through a course and really enjoy going through tunnels, over dog walks and flying over the jumps that are the norm of the agility courses. There is no dog with more determination and heart than an agility Yorkie when it struggles its way up and over the A-frame. One can see spectators holding their breaths until the Yorkie makes it to the top and starts down the other side every time. Agility is a high-action timed event that has everyone’s heart racing.

Here is a list of the AKC Agility Titles:
(NA): Novice Agility  
(OA): Open Agility
(AX): Agility Excellent
(MX): Master Agility Excellent
(NAJ): Novice Jumpers with Weaves
(OAJ): Open Jumpers with Weaves
(AXJ): Agility Excellent Jumper with Weaves
(MXJ): Master Excellent Jumper with Weaves
(MACH): Master Agility Champion
(NF): Novice FAST
(OF): Open FAST
(XF): Excellent FAST
(MXF): Master Agility Excellent FAST

Click here for Agility Poem

Rally Obedience became an AKC titling event as of January 1st, 2005. Rally is a new dog sport that is fast-paced and fun-packed. It is a wonderful stepping stone from the CGC to Obedience and Agility and is an absolutely perfect for the way a Yorkie likes to work. The course changes with each trial as it does in agility and you can talk to your dog throughout the exercises and encourage them on as you move from one sign station to the next at your own pace.

Here are the AKC Rally Titles:
(RN): Rally Novice
(RA): Rally Advanced
(RE): Rally Excellent
(RAE): Rally Advanced Excellent

In tracking a dog learns to do “what comes naturally” and that is to use their nose to follow a scent. Tracking is usually run in fields and a tracklayer will walk on a pre-determined track making both left and right turns (at a test this track is laid out by the judges and marked so the tracklayer knows where to walk) and at the end of the track is an article (usually a glove or a wallet). Although you won’t normally see a lot of Yorkies entered in tracking events, they can do very well and have the fire and determination to excel in a sport that is mainly thought of for big dogs.

Here are the AKC Tracking Titles:
(TD): Tracking Dog
(TDX): Tracking Dog Excellent
(VST): Variable Surface Tracker
(CT ): Champion Tracker

The Earth Dog tests were adopted October 1, 1994 by the AKC. For centuries terriers were bred to quarry out and track game, the Earth Dog Tests take advantage of tracking on a turf a Yorkie can feel “right at home” in. While today the wonderful size of a Yorkie makes them excellent pets, they are often corrected for every little bark at the squirrel running across the lawn and chastised for catching every lizard that crosses the window sills. Earth Dog Testing is perfect for these little tenacious terriers to follow their naturally bred instincts to hunt and an outlet for excessive energy.

Here are the AKC Earth Dog Certificates:
(IQ): Introduction to Quarry
(J.E.): Junior Earth Dog
(S.E.): Senior Earth Dog
(M.E.): Master Earth Dog

As of January 1st, 2001 the AKC has given performance exhibitors a whole
new batch of titles to earn. The VERSATILE COMPANION DOG (VCD) Titles are
not a new event but are earned by achieving titles in Obedience, Agility
(both Standard and Jumpers) and Tracking. The number behind the VCD title
depends on level of the four titles the dog has earned. These new titles
provide a performance Yorkie with a new challenge and encouragement to
compete in all three events.

Here is a list of the VCD Titles followed by the Obedience, Agility and
Tracking titles that must be earned to achieve that level:

VCD1 - CD, NA, NAJ, TD  
(Versatile Companion Dog Champion)

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